Gear List:

- Pro Tools HD8 with Digidesign 192 I/O Digital Interface
- running on Mac Pro 8-core (2010)

- Rupert Neve Designs Portico Duo Mic Pre
- Rupert Neve Designs Portico Stereo Compressor
- Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5 Band EQ
- Audient Black Series EQ
- Audient Black Series Compressors
- Lavry Blue mic preamps

- Lavry Blue mastering grade AD/DA converters
- Audient Black ADC

- Solitaire Reference 5A nearfield monitors
- Yamaha MSP7 nearfield monitors
- Audient Centro Monitor and Talkback Controller
- Furman HDS-6 with HR-6 Headphone distribution
- Direct Sound Headphones

- Waves Platinum Bundle TDM, IK Multimedia CSR Bundle, Digidesign PT HD Massive Pack Bundle, and many more..

Software Instruments:
- Eastwest Complete Composer bundle

List of Microphones:
- JZ BlackHole BH-1
- sE Gemini II dual tube large diaphragm condenser
- sE RT1 tube ribbon
- sE3 pencil condensers (2)
- sE1a pencil condensers (2)
- sE4400 multi pattern large diaphragm condensers (2)
- sE2200 large diaphragm condenser
- sE3300 large diaphragm condenser
- Shure SM57
- Shure SM58 (2)
- Sennheiser MD421 (3)
- AKG D112


Gear List

- Pro Tools 9 with Digidesign 003 Rack Interface
- Logic Studio 8
- running on Mac Pro 8-core (2008)

- Mackie Onyx 800R 8 Channel Mic Pre/AD Converter
- Audient ASP 008 8 Channel Class A discrete Mic Pre amps

- Audient Centro Monitor and Talkback Controller
- KRK Rokit 5 G2

- Waves Gold Bundle Native, McDSP Classic Pack Bundle, Digidesign Digirack, Digidesign TL Space, Digidesign Maxim

Software Instruments:
- EastWest Complete Composer Bundle
- Digidesign AIR Structure Free
- Digidesign AIR Hybrid Synthesizer
- Digidesign Xpand
- Synthogy Ivory II Italian Grand
- IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik


Yamaha DC1 Grand Piano with Disklavier
Pearl Vision Maple standard kit
Pearl Vision Birch fusion kit
Yamaha Elvin Jones Signature Snare Drum (maple w wooden hoops)
Yamaha Joe Jr. Robinson Signature Snare Drum (birch)
Ludwig Snare Drum (maple)
Canopus Maple Snare Drum
Sabian cymbals
Orange Tiny Terror 15W tube amp head
Ampeg B115 tube bass amp